Mothers & Daughters written by Erin Gillis (Me).

The first voice we hear is

our mothers when we are in her womb.

The moment daughters are born

we belong to our mothers.

From the first time mothers hold

their daughters in their arms,

looking down on their newborn

faces, daughters capture their

hearts and souls. As mothers

they have so many lessons to

teach their daughters and

as daughters we have so many

lessons to learn from our mothers.

As little girls, we always watch

what our mothers do. If daughters

have great mothers, when they

grow up; daughters want to be

just like them when they

become mothers. But my mother

said, “No. Don’t be like me when

you become a mother. Be a better

and stronger mother than I am.”

I don’t think that’s possible.

My mother’s advise is,

“Whether you have sons or daughters

you need to learn how to forgive

because your kids are going to do

things that you don’t approve of or like.

But if you have a daughter, let her dream

and encourage her to be anything

she wants to be.”

-Erin Gillis



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