Gray written by Erin Gillis (Me).

You wouldn’t know that she has depression.

You wouldn’t know that she has a battle within her.

You think because she’s beautiful, has cute clothes,

and is nice but a little quiet that her life is perfect

or at least good. While that might be true on the

outside, inside she is suffering. She masters the

art of smiling with tears in her eyes and pretending

everything is okay when inside she is crying.

She could be the most extroverted person or

the most introverted person. She doesn’t tell

people what she’s feeling because she knows

they’ll say, “You need to talk to someone”

or, “You need to go out and do activities.”

But doing either of those things isn’t going

to make depression go away. She could be

at a huge party with friends and still feel

depressed. She has a chemical in her brain

that imbalances her and makes her feel

that she isn’t good enough or worthy

enough of anything or anyone. Having

depression … how she feels… she wants

to disappear.

– Erin Gillis.


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